Unprecedented sensation in the 14th Spain Contraception Society Meeting, Dr. Barambio shared his p

08 March 2018


JINSHAN had always been a firm advocate for safe clinical practice and well-being of women. That believe is none more so evident than Gynovision, the revolutionary platform for uterus inspection and aspiration.


In the recent 14th Spain Contraception Society Meeting, European pioneering expert in contraception Dr. Santiago Barambio i Bermúdez shared his experience in performing visualized aspiration with Gynovision? in his poster and panel discussion ‘Technical Advances in endoscopic uterus aspiration – direct visualization’ (Avances técnicos en aspiración endo-uterina: Visión directa).




Dr. Barambio showed in his clinical study Gynovision’s clear advantages in performing aspiration such as wide-angle vision, reduced bleeding and less incomplete abortions.


In his conclusion, Dr. Barambio believed aspiration with assistance of direct-visualization is the best way to perform surgical contraception with the best outcome and least chance to expect complication. The presentation invited much discussion ended with many physicians agreed with his opinions.




After the panel discussion, attendees visited the booth to test for themselves. Physicians and other healthcare providers were amazed at the exceptional image quality of the easy-to-handle cannula. Many request live demo at their facility.




For more information on Gynovision, or request a demo. Please contact us at international@jinshangroup.com.