Addressing the Rising
Hygienic Concern

MANOalpHa High Resolution Manometry System

The whole procedure from calibration to report
generation can be conducted at one portable cart.

MANOalpHa central processor

Accurate measurement, adaptive software

Solid-state sensor without temperature drift

Automatic recognition

Pressure calibration for obtaining valid data

Automated reprocessing for High-Level Disinfection
Up to 40 pressure sensors and 16 impedance sensors
Ergonomic designed probe handle
Smaller diameter helps ease patient’s discomfort

Versatile tool for editing and navigation of manometry study

User-friendly interface
Visual instruction
DICOM integration
Thermo-compensation process is added at the end of the measurement.

The key HRM metrics and corresponding diagnostic thresholds are critical for disorder assessment. Algorithms based on the protocol of Chicago Classification 4.0 has been programmed in ManoLAB for reliable diagnosis. The typical esophageal motility disorders measured in upright position with MANOalpHa are illustrated below.

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