OMOM Acclaimed LIVE in Webinar "Practice in Modern Gastroenterology Center"

27 July 2020

We are proud to announce that OMOM Capsule Endoscopy was recommended as an efficient digestive tract diagnostic tool in "Practice in Modern Gastroenterology Center" webinar organized by Russian Endoscopy Development Center with attendees of over 300 endoscopists from around the world.5.jpg

The two capsule experts, Professor Ivanova Ekaterina Victorovna and Professor Korneev Alexei Aleksandrovich form Russia launched a professional academic exchange on Gastroenterology study. 图片 1.png

Professor Ivanova Ekaterina Victorovna, Director of the Endoscopy Department of Petrovsky Gate Medical Center, Russia, took center stage with the topic of "Non-invasive Intestinal Examination Application" presentation. In her wonderfully-prepared lecture, she highlighted the advantages of OMOM Capsule Endoscopy on patient preparation, software use, case analysis, etc.

图片 2.png图片 3.pngParticipants’ intense interest and enthusiastic response to the potential of capsule endoscopy represented an unmistakable vote of confidence in OMOM’s growing reception in the capsule space. JINSHAN is deeply inspired bythis affirmation. 


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