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Singapore National Universitys Chongqing Research Institutes Executive Vice President, Professor Lü Li, and his delegation visited JINSHAN for a momentous occasion of industry-academia-research collaboration talks.

07 August 2023

Singapore National University's Chongqing Research Institute's Executive Vice President, Professor Lü Li, and his delegation visited JINSHAN for a momentous occasion of industry-academia-research collaboration talks. The meeting, held on July 27th, was marked by the presence of the Group's Chairman, Wang Jinshan, and the enthusiastic scientific team. The discussions aimed to foster talent exchange, ignite research synergies, and propel technology transfer.


At the forefront of innovation, the Chongqing Research Institute of Singapore National University has established four cutting-edge research centers: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Intelligent Sensing and Artificial Intelligence, Modern Logistics, and Finance and Financial Risk Management. Professor Lü Li's dynamic research team has a keen focus on solid-state batteries and nano-functional materials, with vast potential to revolutionize various industries.


During the exchange, Professor Lü Li introduced the impressive research accomplishments and collaborative talent development programs of the Chongqing Research Institute. He emphasized the significance of industry-academia-research cooperation as a crucial driver of innovation and development. His vision is to seamlessly integrate the institute's pioneering technologies with the specific needs of JINSHAN, fostering a lasting, agile, and fruitful partnership.


Chairman Wang Jinshan wholeheartedly embraced this vision, acknowledging the rich convergence of research interests, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence. JINSHAN has steadfastly fostered a robust industry-academia-research cooperation system. Over the years, the company has attracted a diverse pool of exceptional talents from around the globe, establishing six major technological platforms, including Medical Micro-Systems Engineering (MEMS), Wireless Communication, Optics, Imaging, Medical Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Big Data. Additionally, they have set up post-doctoral workstations and 26 laboratories, each nurturing multiple internationally leading projects.


The harmonious exchange acted as a powerful catalyst, accelerating technology transfer and talent cultivation. The partnership now sets its sights on advancing focused, impactful project collaborations, driving collective growth and progress.


As a leading global medical technology company, JINSHAN is passionately committed to leveraging science and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services for the early detection and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. This collaborative endeavor perfectly aligns with our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing healthcare through innovation. Together, we are poised to make groundbreaking strides in the field of digestive health, ultimately improving the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Our shared mission propels us forward, igniting a brighter future for healthcare, one innovation at a time.