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OMOM RC Successfully Installed at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de S?o Jo?o, Portugal

13 June 2023

We are delighted to share the exciting news of the successful installation of the OMOM RC Robotic Capsule Endoscopy System (OMOM RC) at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de S?o Jo?o in Porto, Portugal. This marks a significant milestone as it is the first installation of its kind in the region.


Our partnership with Biosonda, a trusted partner, has been instrumental in bringing this innovative technology to Portugal. We would like to express our gratitude to the Biosonda team, Prof. Guilherme Macedo, and the Gastro Team at Hospital de S. Jo?o Gastroenterology Department for their collaboration and belief in this innovative device.


The OMOM RC revolutionizes the field by offering a fully automated and efficient examination process. After the installation, we conducted four patient examinations, each completed in an average time of 12 minutes. This remarkable speed allows for increased patient throughput and reduced waiting times.

The patient outcomes were also evident during these examinations. Notable findings included conditions such as atrophic gastritis with bile reflux, multiple duodenal polyps, chronic non-atrophic gastritis, duodenal bulb inflammation, and gastric body polyps. The device's advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and lesion detection capabilities, contributed to these exceptional diagnostic outcomes.




The OMOM RC represents a significant leap forward in diagnostic gastroscopy. It streamlines the examination process, reduces manual intervention, and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses. We are excited about the future impact of the OMOM RC in improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing gastroenterological care. 

OMOM RC - diagnostic gastroscopy reimagined!