Registration Protocol

This protocol shall be applied and deemed as an agreement finalized between USER and CHONGQING JINSHAN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “JINSHAN GROUP”) of the website on the materials, data, graphics, services and other matters related therein. The following regulations are applicable to all users accessing the website and JINSHAN GROUP reserves the right to revise or amend these regulations at any time without prior consent of the users. Please carefully read this protocol before completing the registration. Upon your agreement on this protocol, it shall constitute a legal document binding on both parties. In case You disagree with any of the following provisions, please cease the registration and stop using the website.

1.Laws and Regulations

Use of the website shall be consistent with the laws and regulations of the Peoples Republic of China. When accessing the website and using the facilities and (or) services provided by the website, USER is considered having agreed that such access and the provision of such execution and/or services are bound by laws of the Peoples Republic of China and that USER is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Peoples Republic of China.

2.USER’s Information

2.1 The USER shall provide real registration information and make sure that the registration information provided is true, accurate, complete, legitimate and valid. Otherwise, the USER shall bear the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and JINSHANGROUP reserves the right to terminate all the services for the USER.

2.2 After the USER’s successful registration, USER should keep the password carefully and reasonably. Once the USER find any illegal use of account or any presence of security vulnerabilities, please notify JINSHAN GROUP immediately.

2.3 It is not allowed to lend the account registered in this website to others, or the USER shall undertake all the responsibilities arising, and the actual USER shall bear the joint liability.

3.Copyright & Trademark

3.1 All the materials or contents covered in the website shall be protected by the Copyright Law. JINSHAN GROUP owns all copyrights unless otherwise stated. Without prior written consent of JINSHAN GROUP, any content in the website shall not be copied, distributed, photocopied, played, linked or transmitted with super-links or used for any other commercial purpose by any person in any means.

3.2 All trademarks and logos used and showed in the website shall be owned by JINSHAN GROUP unless otherwise stated. None of the contents covered in the website shall be considered granting the permission or rights of using any above-mentioned trademark and logo in implicit, unopposed or any other way without prior written consent of JINSHAN GROUP.

4.Third-Party Links

The links to the websites or web address of third parties may be reserved in the website. USER may access the links at their own discretion. JINSHAN GROUP gives no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, point of view, picture, statement or suggestion provided by such links.

5.Protection of Personal Information

JINSHAN GROUP fully respects USER’s privacy right, and spares no effort to protect USER’s personal information. JINSHAN GROUP is committed that it will not sell USER’s personal information at any time under any circumstance and it will use the information obtained in accordance with the provision only within the scope allowed by laws. However, JINSHAN GROUP may provide certain of your personal information to government authorities as regards their request; and it may disclose certain of your personal information within a minimal scope. USER shall have foreseen and agreed to the occurrence of such events when providing personal information.


With regards to the materials and information covered in the website, including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, JINSHAN GROUP gives no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of such materials and contents despite its attempt to provide accurate materials and information in the website, and definitely disclaims any responsibility of mistakes or omission of the materials and contents, and any explicit or implicit guarantee for the materials and contents, including but not limited to the guarantees related to ownership, non-infringement of a third partys rights, quality, and having no computer virus. JINSHAN GROUP may revise the contents of the website at any time without any notification or warning. Please access the website periodically so as to obtain up-to-date information.